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When is flooring installation absolutely necessary?

We have often been asked which types of flooring are best for beginners to do their own flooring installations. While there are some materials that are easier than others to install, we believe professional installation is always the best route to take, whether you’re flooring one room or all of them. It may sound like a ploy for a flooring company to get more money out of the homeowner, but we assure you, that is certainly not the case with us.

At Carlson’s Flooring, we have prided ourselves on treating our customers with fairness since 1991. Since that time, from our San Antonio, TX showroom, we have served the communities of San Antonio, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Spring Branch with that same dedication to customer service. We want to make sure you get the floor covering you love, with services that bring your project to life. At the same time, we intend to be fast, courteous, fair, and professional. Stop by and see how we can assist you with all your flooring needs today.
Flooring installation in San Antonio, TX area from Carlson's Flooring

Professional flooring installation is important

For some flooring materials, professional installation is an absolute must, especially if you want to stay within budget and be covered in the event that something goes wrong. Materials that fall into this category include solid hardwood, carpet, and porcelain tile to name a few. All of these materials require special tools and they can be damaged without them. Carpet installation can look fine, but after a few weeks of regular wear, novice installations can show in seam separation, bunching of carpet, and bald spots in high traffic areas.

Both hardwood and tile can be cut wrong, which can ruin an entire piece of flooring if cut too short. That means more flooring has to be purchased and before you know it, you can be much further over budget than you intended to be.

Some flooring manufacturers are no longer honoring their warranties unless their products are installed by professionals. If nothing else, you should make sure to do whatever it takes to keep your warranty intact. That way, if something happens after a few weeks or months that has nothing to do with the installation; you won’t be out the cost of replacing all that flooring.

For more information on specific products and their installation needs, be sure to ask your flooring professional. We’ll be happy to address every aspect for you.